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The initial consultation regarding your situation is always free of charge. During this meeting, we’ll share our strategy, the odds of prevailing, possible avenues of relief, and the costs involved. We always advise potential clients to receive at least two other opinions before choosing which lawyer to retain. We generally cap the costs on flat rate cases at the initial meeting so as not to have future unpleasant surprises, except in certain situations where expert witnesses need to be hired and/or depositions need to be taken.

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Richard L. Williams, Attorney At Law

Attorney Richard L. Williams is a member of the State Bar of Michigan, license #P-29583. He has been actively practicing law since acceptance into the Bar in October 1978.

Lastly, the attorney who takes your case will do your case, AND NO ONE ELSE. If there is a conflict with court dates because of other engagements in higher courts, our office will adjourn the case to another date. We do not transfer or substitute other attorneys once retention is made as this is a personal relationship during the pendency of your legal matter. This is an unqualified matter of policy: who you retain is who stands next to you in court.

When we take a case, we stop at nothing to get what we want. We research, observe, and most importantly, know how to get the results we’re looking for. As our client, our main objective is to remove whatever obstacles are standing in your way so you can get your life back.

For more information or to speak with our Criminal Defense Lawyer, call The Williams Law Firm today at (517) 337-8100.

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